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Great Relationships

Making Up and Breaking Up

There are several key factors that enable you to get a relationship back after you've broken up with an ex-partner.

One of them is that you have a good guide or mentor and usually we would think of that is being a couples' counselor or therapist. However there is another approach, which is to use an Internet program designed by somebody like Michael Fiore, a man who was got wide experience over many years in building relationship programs.

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Making Up and Breaking Up

My concern really is about practical techniques that you can use right here right now to enable you to move forward into a place of new relationship with a partner who you've decided you really want to get back together with after of relationship breakup.

One of the best techniques that I found is a program set out by Michael Fiore, in an Internet program named "text your ex back".

Text your ex back is all about texting your partner back after a break up. It is a program that is designed to communicate with your partner in a way that doesn't raise the issues that separated you in the first place when your relationship broke up.

You'll find that your boyfriend or girlfriend, or rather your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, is responsive to a certain approach if they have any love you wish to get back together with you.

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Manifestation Technique To Attract Objectives You Desire

It is definitely an unusual thought, that we may possess the capacity to manifest our objective reality.

What I am suggesting by this is that with intense mental energy, along with the right spiritual conditions being met, we can all really create the physical reality that we want in the world around us.

Many skeptics scorn such ideas, and a lot of people do not believe in The Laws of Creation, which are also called the Universal Laws of Attraction.

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Great Physical Health

Good Health & Acid Reflux

Health issues including acid refluxHeartburn No More is a revolutionary program written by a chap called Jeff Martin who used to experience severe stomach pains from acid reflux and excess acid production in its stomach.

His experience with seeking out a cure that did not rely on the medical establishment has been recorded in his program Heartburn No More, which features DVDs, MP3s, downloadable e-book, and a number of bonuses available free of charge, all of which are designed to ensure that you experience minimal problems from acid reflux in the future.

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What Makes For A Great Relationship?

There are some very obvious answers to this question, which most people would describe like this: compatibility, chemistry, mutual liking, shared interests, and, perhaps most controversial of all, physical attractiveness.

Now, I don't actually know how important physical attractiveness is to the majority of people when they are choosing a date and a relationship partner.

Check out this video for an interesting take on this...

But the question is an interesting one for the majority of people -- how important are looks when you're selecting a relationship partner?

I think common sense suggests that the majority of people think looks are really important. I'm not suggesting this means that everybody has to look like a model to be attractive, but a certain level of care and interest in one's appearance is surely is a factor that speaks volumes both about how you regard yourself and how you regard the possibility of your partner feeling towards you.

One of the things that is particularly contentious in this respect, of course, is the question of overweight people finding a dating partner or even a relationship.

Obesity can be unattractive, there's no question about that -- and if you doubt this, have a look on the Internet to assess some photographs of obese people. And if you're feeling very adventurous, have a look at some of the further reaches of the Internet where sexual obsessions with grossly obese people are catered for.

I'm not being prejudiced, I trust, when I say that the majority of people will probably find the sight of an obese woman or an obese man somewhat aversive or distasteful.

So the question of course arises then is obesity a handicap in finding a dating partner or establishing a relationship? I don't want to tread in the lion's den too far by making a declaration that actually you'll then have much greater dating success if you decide to lose weight, because finally at the end of the day that choice is up to you.

However, what I would suggest is that there's no harm in looking at some of the more successful dating programs on the Internet, and in particular in this regard I'm thinking of the Adonis Index, which is a program based on sound physiological principles, in fact it's based on the physiology of the male body. I would suggest if you want to lose weight you click here, and investigate what I have to say about the Adonis Golden Ratio and how it works.


Great Emotional Health

Good Communication!

Nowhere is this more true than in the matter of relationship dynamics. The way that you treat your partner is probably exactly a mirror of the way they treat you, and so if you are kind and loving, or at least if you see yourself as kind and loving, when a breakup happens, the wound and pain are all the greater because what you feel you've given out is so valuable and precious.

Yet the truth of the matter is of course that in every breakup, both the ex-boyfriend in the ex-girlfriend have issues that are true for them, and issues that are true for the other partner get in the way of clear perception.

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New! Alcohol And Sex: Alcohol And Your Sex Life

Great Physical Health

More news soon, but check out these excellent weight loss sites for men and women - The Adonis Diet for men and The Venus Diet - both written by John Barban and Kyle Leon.

Let's face it, when you doubt your attractiveness, then you lose confidence, and your partner will automatically find you less attractive -- there's nothing more appealing or arousing than a partner who is confident about their own appearance and sexuality.

You see, the thing is that the women, attractiveness and sexuality are very closely linked -- that is to say, a woman who finds herself attractive, and who feels that she is attractive to her man, will also automatically be much more sexually excitable and arouse support and enjoy her sexual liaisons with her man.

One of the fundamental drivers female sexuality is the fact that she should feel attracted to her man, believed actually he finds her very attractive and arousing.

I believe it isn't just a matter of self-esteem, but I actually think it goes beyond this -- that a woman is genetically programmed to respond sexually to a man who expresses his interest in her and appreciates her appearance.

All these old belief systems about how men and women operate probably based in long established evolutionary traits which have evolved over millennia the benefit of reproduction: men of visual creatures who like the site of an attractive woman, because turns them on. Women respond to emotional stimuli such as being found attractive by men.

Although we might like to avoid the fundamental truths about our sexual nature, it's very challenging to get round the fact that being slim and attractive is an incredibly important thing for a woman to feel both fulfilled and desirable.

Similarly, are a man, it's important that he should feel confident and masculine, which generally translates in our society is sexually attractive, muscular and appealing to woman.

Yet the interesting thing about this is that women don't respond particularly well to men who are very muscular indeed, and there's certainly an optimum level of muscularity which signals a man who is sufficiently strong to look after the children should there be any from the liaison, and protect the woman and children in a society that may be dangerous.

Now although these may be historical traits that have evolved to suit an ancient society, the fact is that we are still driven by them because they lie deep in our genetic make-up.

And so to the extent that we feel we want to be fulfilled in our sexual relationships with men and women as our partners, then it behoves us all to pay attention to the traits which drive and nature is that such fundamental level.

Losing weight isn't easy in a society that is full of tempting food, and where eating has almost become a hobby -- but it can be done, and there are some ways that make it more easy than others.

For women, using science of leptin, The fat hormone, or more precisely the fat burning hormone and female body, can be a great step to making dieting much easier than it otherwise would be.

This is where the Venus Factor, a diet program mentioned above, takes precedence over all others on the market -- it works in harmony with the woman's body, so that leptin resistance is minimized and fat loss maximized.

Equally, the Adonis golden ratio is a program for calculated to formulate the most attractive body possible in women's eyes, one which conforms to the golden ratio of proportions between upperbody length and overall length, and shoulder circumference to waist circumference.

By working out exercise in such a way that your body conforms to these dimensions and proportions, you can be much more attractive to women in your life -- just as the women in your life can be much more attractive to you if they work out in a way that conforms with the requirements of the Venus factor.

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